Hurricane Protection Systems

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Hurricane Screens

What Are Hurricane Screens?

When it comes to hurricanes, you will usually hear about hurricane shutters and impact windows. These are two types of popular hurricane protection but another method to protect your home during a hurricane is using hurricane screens.

Hurricane screens will protect wind-driven rain and debris from entering the home. Hurricane screens are ideal for larger openings, such as entryways, storefronts, and balconies. Screens are easy to deploy but a professional should do the initial installation. Screens offer an affordable option to protect a large space and many are translucent so in the event of a storm you will still be able to see outside. There are different types of screen available depending on your needs. The buckle and strap system can be the strongest and most versatile system. The roll-up system is permanently attached to the top of the opening and will be rolled into place with a motor or manually. Hemcord systems slide into place.


Storm panels

HURRICANE PANELS are the most economical hurricane protection. Available in aluminum or galvanized steel, they are removable and easily stacked and stored when not in use.

The average preparation time is about 10 minutes per opening. Hurricane Panels were designed and built to provide exceptional strength, value, and safety. Literally hundreds of hours of “Large Object Testing” at certified test facilities have proven the ability of these panels to protect windows and doors from the impact of flying debris that may be experienced during a major hurricane. Panels are available in high strength alloy aluminum and structural grade galvanized steel for the maximum level of protection


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Accordion Shutter

ACCORDION SHUTTERS offer you the ultimate value in hurricane protection. When you consider cost and ease of use, it is no wonder accordion shutters are the most popular type of hurricane shutters. This type of shutter stacks besides the opening when not in use and unfolds accordion style to cover and protect during a storm. The average preparation time is 15 to 30 minutes for the entire house. Not all Accordion Shutters Systems are made the same.

S&D Accordion Shutters are stronger than other Accordion shutters. They are fabricated of high strength, thicker extruded aluminum alloy. The enamel finish is baked on at 450 degrees to assure a lasting finish. Assembly hardware is made of stainless steel and other corrosive resistant materials for an extended lifetime. In addition, nylon wheels, stainless steel wheel carriages, and heavy hinged knuckles add extra strength and durability. Not satisfied in just meeting the building codes, we went beyond them.

Accordion shutters require stacking (storage) space on either side of the opening. To determine if you have enough space to install an accordion shutter, a good rule of thumb is to add 6″ to the opening size, then add 1.25″ for each foot of opening to arrive at the actual width of the shutter. For example, if you have a 72″ wide window, the shutters require an area approximately 86″ wide. (72 + 6) + (1.25 * 6)

Maximum Opening: This is the maximum the shutter will open when in the stored position. Take for example the 71.625″ opening size. If your window measure 73″ wide and you don’t want to see the shutter from inside the house, you need to order the next size larger size. It will provide 76.5″ of clear opening. However if you don’t mind seeing the edge of the shutter from inside, order the shutter that provides a clear opening of 71.625″. You will save a little money if you order each window and door using this criteria.

Number of Blades: it is always an even number. When dividing the blades up for an uneven split opening, it must be done in pairs.


Shutter Width: The width of the shutter will be larger than the clear opening, due to blade stacking (a shutter with a clear opening of 71.625″ will actually be 85.875″ wide). The extra 14.25″ is the amount of stack for the shutter when stored. This stack can be all on one side or the other or split half each side. If needed, we can stack 25%of the blades on one side and 75% the other.


Shutter Height: The height of the shutter will be 6″ higher than the actual opening. Be sure you have the required 3″ space above and below the window for the standard wall mount header and sill. If there isn’t 3″ of space above the opening, you will need a low-profile ceiling mount header. The standard allowance for top and bottom is 6″; 3″ for the header and 3″ for the bottom sill. For example, a 48″ high opening will have a shutter 54″ high.



Roll up Shutter

Roll up Shutter are the most convenient and easiest to use of all hurricane shutters. They provide effortless motorized or manual operation. This type of shutter is permanently installed and rolls up into a box above the opening when not in use. The average preparation time is as low as a few minutes for an entire house.

Roll Up Shutter is built with heavier tracks and slats designed and tested with interlocking features that allow the shutter to withstand the wind and impact of flying debris from a major hurricane. The58mm Roll Up Shutter is the strongest roll shutter system on the market today and has a number of built in “Code Plus” enhanced hurricane protection features:

  • END RETENTION SYSTEM locks slats securely into side tracks, increased strength
  • TRACK ENTRY GUIDES hand crafted aluminum, maintenance free, fool proof, not plastic
  • VENTED REINFORCED SLATS for a secondary closed position that allows some light in
  • ALUMINUM ROLLER TUBE reduces corrosion of internal parts in the box housing

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Decor curtains for rooms los cabos

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Shutter&Drapes is a
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